HR and Facilities Managers' Views On Branded Environment Benefits

Vicky Winkler
Aug 21, 2023
Branded environment.

Have you ever seen the show Kitchen Nightmares? Netflix suggested I watch it, so naturally, I did.

I have to say, seeing those complete transformations and strong positive gut reactions of the owners, employees, and patrons was inspiring.

It made me think about how a branded environment that seamlessly jives with the overall brand identity and promise can create such a strong connection with those who experience the space. That’s why I love the work we do here at Gruskin Creative. It’s not just a job. We are helping improve people’s lives by designing and overseeing the transformation of their workspaces.

Here are some of the many benefits of branded environments through the perspective of HR and Facilities Managers.

The Human Resources (HR) perspective

As an HR manager, one of your concerns is hiring the top talent your company needs to stay ahead of the competition. Bringing new prospects into an office with long, dark gray corridors or worn carpeting won’t make a good first impression of your company. Workspaces that are non-descript and have no brand identity make your recruit feel like they could be working anywhere.

The prospective employees take one look around the lobby and wonder what they’re in for. If you leave brand communication to be the work on your beautiful website and advertising, you could be creating a confusing experience for those who enter your uninspiring space. This misalignment starts them wondering all the wonderful things you say about yourself online are just a farse. And a loss of trust like that means they’ll look for a better place to work.

In the HR department, you aren’t just interested in new hires. You also want your current employees to be inspired and productive. It’s awfully hard to boost morale and keep the employees satisfied if they work in an environment that doesn’t energize them. And after years of remote work, it’s tough to encourage your employees to come to the office when they feel no emotional connection to your brand.

A branded environment helps new talent and current employees see that you are a great company to work for and that you care about employees’ happiness and well-being.

The Facilities Manager’s viewpoint

Like HR, maintaining a well-managed facility is an integral part of your company. An inspiring branded environment makes your job easier, making it less work to keep the facility running smoothly and the departments functioning efficiently.

When employees feel that human connection and pride in their workplace, they also naturally take better care of their spaces and are more willing to work alongside you to make abetter experience for everyone.

Just as in Kitchen Nightmares, incorporating brand elements into the workplace, including wall colors and graphics, lighting, and furniture, changes how everyone in the building views your company.

You may have a limited budget and think, “what can I possibly get done with this?” You don’t necessarily have to go high end and replace all your furniture to align with your brand colors.

You can take smaller steps like painting the walls and applying graphics to showcase some of your company products.  When employees see the products they produce prominently displayed, it promotes pride and motivation.

As the facilities manager, consider installing or updating signage with your logo or a digital display to communicate information to anyone entering the building. Additionally, new lighting solutions can significantly change the look and feel of a space –bright white creates a sense of cleanliness, and warm low lighting sets up a cozier feel. What is right for your brand and spaces?

You can design an environment to showcase to all those who enter the facility that you are a profitable, thriving business, innovative and a leader in the marketplace.

Create an inspiring branded environment for your business

As seen on TV and with many of our clients, designing a branded environment that aligns with your brand identity inspires everyone that enters your space. And strengthening the connection between the employees and your brand improves their lives by boosting morale and creating a positive work environment.

HR and facilities departments and all those they support within the company see the benefits of even simple environmental changes. Recruiting top talent and retaining current employees becomes easier when the office space reflects your brand promise. Facilities managers take pride in how employees and visitors view their comfortable and well-run building.

Keep your Brand Promise

If you want to discuss how you can transform your environment to reflect your brand identity and inspire everyone who experiences the space, schedule a 30-minute Complimentary Consultation.