The Benefits of Transforming Your Workplace With Your Brand Identity

Vicky Winkler
Jul 5, 2023
Transform your workplace with your brand identity.

The Benefits of Transforming Your Workplace With Your Brand Identity

How do you feel when you enter your workplace? Are you inspired to do everything you can to help your company succeed? Or is your work environment so non-descript that aside from the logo, the space could belong to any business?

That’s probably not the desired first impression you want to show to your potential clients, visitors, stakeholders, partners, or employees. What considerations are needed to transform your workplace with your brand identity?

Environmental branding is a way to physically and digitally represent your company and align with your unique values, personality, and image. After all, you're not just another business, are you?

Of course not, so let’s take a look at how to implement your brand image into your workplace design.

What is a branded environment?

A branded environment is much more than just putting a logo on the wall or painting in your brand colors. It’s creating an experience for anyone who enters the workplace. The goal is to design a unique and memorable environment that is distinct to your brand, communicates your message effectively, and forges emotional connections.

One of our clients, a Fortune 500 company, wanted to welcome their employees back into the workplace after the pandemic. This “Return To Work” initiative included updating the lobby space with new rugs, designing a greeting desk, and selecting furniture to align with the brand. This gave the space a clean, modern feel and reinforced the brand image and colors. With welcome messages and new graphics to create private meeting spaces, the employees were inspired to reunite with their team members over a common mission.

In the atrium, banners were hung to connect the employees with the products they produce to motivate and instill pride. Even industrial entry spaces like the loading docks had their safety railings painted in brand colors, panels of products displayed, and welcome signage to reinforce the brand image.

A branded environment helps evoke specific emotions and responses from everyone in the space to reinforce brand awareness, loyalty, and differentiation.

What are the benefits of a branded environment?

There are many benefits to designing a branded environment aside from creating brand awareness and differentiating you from other businesses. It helps inspire your employees, motivating them to take pride in their work. Companies with an engaged workforce are 21% more profitable, have 41% lower absenteeism, and the employees are less likely to leave their jobs. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction, motivation, productivity, and a boost in morale.

Consistency in brand image across many touchpoints like online presence and physical locations give customers a unified experience that reinforces trust and promotes familiarity. You want your brand to be easily known and stand out from the competition. When your brand is recognized, it can increase market share, create a higher perceived value, and give you a competitive advantage.

A branded environment is a powerful way to help brand identity-building, employee well-being, customer engagement, and differentiate your company in today's competitive marketplace.

What’s the process for designing a branded environment?

Now that you know some of the benefits of creating a branded environment, here’s an overview of the process: Start with a consultation. We’ll discuss what you are looking for to reinforce your brand image and elevate the design of the space. Next, in a Needs and Options Review with our proven TRU Brand Method™, you can learn the gaps that exist between your current environment and where you want to be in the future.

Our TRU Brand Method™ identifies the opportunities available to enhance your branded environment in both physical and virtual spaces.

Gruskin Creative guides you through its proven process, taking the time to understand your challenges. With experience in the industry and working with Fortune 500 companies, our experienced professional designers, working closely with architects in our sister brand Gruskin Group, are able to analyze spatial and structural relationships without bringing in a third party.

Knowing your building’s code needs, safety standards, and design requirements, as well as incorporating your brand image into your physical environment, can all be done in-house.

During the Needs and Options Review, we evaluate what is beneficial to implement right away and what can be done at a later phase based on your budget. There are suggested alternatives to help give you the branded environment you want for all different price points.

Printed designs placed on windows and walls can go a long way to changing the feel of a space―or perhaps you would like to add area rugs, furniture, and digital content to align with your brand. With the architectural design, we can assist if you decide to change the interior structure and space layout.

Transform your workplace with your brand identity

Creating a branded environment can make all the difference in how you feel about your workplace. Brand image in your physical space is a way to evoke emotion and create brand awareness.

Encourage your employees to feel pride in their work and be inspired to continue helping your business thrive. Consider the space design and the image it projects as viewed by employees, potential clients, visitors, stakeholders, and partners.

Design your business workspace to reference your company’s unique values and personality so you stand out from your competition.If you are interested in creating a branded environment that truly reflects your brand identity, schedule a Complimentary Consultation.